Culture is the most complex and pervasive force in your organization, yet ironically the least well-understood. It’s no surprise most planned culture interventions fail. Why? Because typical efforts are rooted in decades old science, methods and myths. The science of culture has advanced considerably in the last few decades, but organizations have yet to take advantage of these breakthroughs. We are leveraging the groundbreaking new science of the ‘cultural mind’ to change the way culture is conceptualized and practiced…


Our times call for leaders to develop their capacity for emotional and psychological flexibility. This means deep engagement of the whole person in the context of who they are at that moment and what they aspire to be – existentially as individuals, as leaders, as social beings, and as humans on the planet. This means developing leaders with emotional and psychological depth, range and resiliency…


How people learn and develop is core to transformation, but too few companies recognize this. Most organizations conceive of HR and talent programs as a collection discrete activities unconnected to any higher purpose or transformation strategy…

Ontos Global helps organizations transform

We realize “transformation” is a big word. Ontos’ approach to this multi-faceted topic is through the lenses of leadership development, culture, and talent. As a boutique consultancy Ontos combines expertise and thought leadership in distinct domains to create sustainable and impactful solutions that drive change at both local and global scale.

“You know that
to get from point A to point B,
your people need to be a part of it.”

Check out more of our perspective in this animated video. It takes only 3 minutes, and you can eat your lunch while watching it. Enjoy!