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Our Associates

The ONTOS global team brings together trusted professionals who provide specialized understanding of the dynamics of business within a global or culturally diverse work environment. We partner together strategically to provide you tailored solutions with the appropriate expertise.

Abhay PadgaonkarAbhay Padgaonkar – English Language

Alejandro Builes Jaramillo Alejandro Builes Jaramillo – Spanish and English Languages

Alex HaimerlAlex Haimerl – German and English Languages

Alison HoganAlison Hogan – English Language

Anat Kedem Anat Kedem – Hebrew and English Languages

Ann M Johnston Ann M Johnston – English Language

Beáta Máté  Beáta Máté – Hungarian and English Languages

Bill PalmerBill Palmer – English Language

Brenda Jones Brenda Jones – English Language

Caterina MengottiAbhay Padgaonkar – Italian and English Languages

Eric Rait Eric Rait – English and Hebrew Languages

Flaminia Fazi Flaminia Fazi – Italian and English Languages

Francesco Pimpinelli Flaminia Fazi – Italian and English Languages

Gabor Jokay Gabor Jokay – Hungarian and English Languages

Harold Hill Harold Hill – English Language

Helen Tian Helen Tian – Mandarin and English Languages

Iris Kuhnert Iris Kuhnert – German, English and Japanese Languages

John Boudreau John Boudreau – English Language

Karen Soderberg Hinchliffe Karen Soderberg Hinchliffe – English and Swedish Languages

Karen Walch Karen Walch – English Language

Kendra Coleman Kendra Coleman – English Language

Maria Wang – Mandarin and English Languages

Marie-Gabrielle Amadieu – English and French Languages

Paul Kinsinger Paul Kinsinger – English Language

Peter Skoglund Peter Skoglund – English and Swedish Languages

Rita Jokay Rita Jokay – Hungarian and English Languages

Robert Kegan – English Language

Tanya Faude-KoivistoTanya Faude-Koivisto – German, English and French Languages

Marta Gabalewicz – Polish and English Languages

Marzanna Maciejewska – Polish and English Languages

Our Organizational Networks include:

Fielding Graduate University
Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development
Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

Thunderbird Global School of Management
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