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Who We Are


What does “Ontos” mean?

“Ontos” comes from the Greek verb “to be.”

People and organizations are changing every day; in essence, they are perpetually in the process of “being” and “becoming”.

Our work at its core is about helping clients better understand what and who they are in order to become what and who they want to be. Especially in a global context. Which is why we like Ontos Global – “To Be Global”.

ONTOS global helps clients better plan, manage, implement and sustain change globally and across cultures. We combine ground breaking ideas and creativity with hard work and practical, lasting value.

What makes us different?

A unique blend. Our blend of expertise in culture, talent infrastructure and leadership enables us to create lasting solutions at multiple levels in your organization and in multiple ways. We can work at the scale of your entire organization, or with one person. Or both.

For example, our coaching and facilitation with leaders is world class given our expertise, skill, and global perspective. At the same time we do leading-edge work in major companies to design, map, and implement integrated talent management infrastructure, thereby ensuring your people system drives and sustains change rather than becomes the afterthought.

Cultural competence. Everything we do is through a cross-cultural lens. We are expert at diagnosing and working across cultures around the globe. We have worked on every continent. We’ve worked in many industries. And we work in English, Spanish, and French. That means your change initiative does not need to be reinterpreted by others when it comes time to assess, diagnose, or implement on different continents, countries, functions or divisions.

Thought Leadership. Our practice is steeped in research. And our research is infused with the hands-on wisdom of practice. We have 45 years of combined business experience. We are actively engaged in academic research in culture and organizational change, among other areas (for a better idea of what we are doing, see our Resources page).

What all this means for you is our solutions by design will be state-of the-art, culturally aligned, practical and sustainable over the long run.

Read more about what we do, and most of all, what our clients say.

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