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“The EDP (Executive Development Program) is a godsend for Xylem, and the partnership with Ontos has been wonderful.”

Nick Colisto, SVP & CIO, Xylem Inc.
October, 2017


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Our Leadership practice focuses on improving individual and group effectiveness in global environments. Through our world class coaching, group facilitation and customized and multi-faceted development programs, we work to achieve higher levels of performance as well as personal and professional success.

Much of what we do is within the context of organizational transformation – dramatic growth, spin-off, business model change, restructuring, turnaround, culture change, etc. – require a different kind of learning from leaders. It is not simply a matter of acquiring more knowledge or even skills, but through shifts in basic assumptions, frames, and ways of learning. This is transformational learning.

Transformational learning entails:

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Ever run a strategy session and 6 months later wonder why all the great ideas haven’t been implemented?

We do too.

Mind you, we’re big believers in strategy, and strategy sessions. We believe leaders need focused time, usually in dedicated off-site sessions with their teams to lay out strategy pillars, chart vision, build trust and gain buy-in. These are key steps in planned change.

The problem is too many change efforts end at the conclusion of the offsite. It is as if the energy and good will and momentum begin to dissipate the moment participants go home. Usually this is not because participants lack skill or conviction or good intent. It’s just that in large scale change, more is needed.

If the change is fundamental – concerning, say, the core way your firm builds products or engages customers or goes to market – structural change will need to accompany the trust and good will engendered through the planning work.

And by ‘structural’ we don’t just mean move the boxes on the org chart. What we mean is in order for the change to be sustained action is needed at all levels of the system – with individual leaders through ongoing coaching, through highly targeted leadership development, through intensive trust-building with teams, and through integrating your talent management infrastructure to ensure your HR systems and processes reinforce and sustain the change. And yes, it begins with powerful planning and trust-building with leaders and their teams.

And all the better if each of these activities are planned and implemented in culturally competent ways. This means paying attention to how communication and action is enacted across regions, nationalities as well as divisional and professional boundaries.

That is what we do.

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