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Ontos culture change practice is rooted in a new science of culture.

We have learned a lot about the brain and culture in last 35+ years. One of the most important insights is that culture is a cognitive phenomenon, a product of the interaction between our neurobiology and the social and physical worlds. These interactions produce shared implicit assumptions, or cultural schemas that underwrite everything that is “culture”, from our beliefs, values, norms, symbols, and language (jargon), to how we collectively make sense of our environment, and even our brands and office layout.

We target interventions at the source to produce impactful, sustainable culture outcomes by altering the shared mindsets on which culture is based. We do this by surfacing implicitly held shared assumptions and intervening across the major core practices (physical, social, and communicative) they fuel. By changing these practices and sustaining the change, we rewire the organization’s collective neural circuitry, which means the change becomes aligned with strategy and is then self-sustaining.


DISRUPTING CULTURE: Why We Get Culture Wrong, and What Cognitive Anthropology Teaches Us
by David G. White PhD, Co-founder and Principal, ONTOSglobal

A recent report by CEB reports that 76% of its surveyed firms plan some form of culture change in 2017. What is astounding about this is not that so many organizations want to change their cultures. What is astounding is that they believe they can….. read more


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