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  • Puedo asegurar que Lisa trabaja con metodologías altamente competitivas, y con una sensibilidad cultural a toda prueba. Su dominio del español es excelente, su acento es casi nativo, y puede convivir naturalment tanto con grupos de empresarios y ejecutivos mexicanos como con empleados de todos los niveles de una organización.He constatado sus magnificos resultados y su tino para elegir los métodos y prácticas que hagan mejorar a las organizaciones.
    José De la Cerda Gastélum, Oficial Mayor Administrativo, Ciudad de Zapópan
  • Ya lo envié al depto de recursos humanos para que lo hagan circular por toda la organización!
    Margarita Fuentes, Depto. Finanzas, Grupo Bajo Cero S.A. de C.V.
  • In addition to introducing new, interactive meeting facilitation methods, one of the most impressive aspects of her program was her model of six primary areas of assertiveness issues within the TCS organization. The model revealed her keen understanding of our context and the participants were able to immediately identify with one or more areas of the program in accord with their experience. Her ideas were the ideal springboard for our organization to discover more solutions.Lisa is now working on a leadership program for us at this moment and we are not above singing her praises. Not only is she organized, concise and dedicated, working with her is a pleasure and every interaction with her was a learning experience for even the most experienced of managers.
    Pramod Chandrasekhar, Regional Manager – Human Resources, TATA Consulting Services
  • Ms. Koss is a dynamic speaker with a refreshingly crisp presentation style. [She] received the highest satisfaction rating ever from our membership. I would hire her again without hesitation.
    Sash Dhar, PMP, President, Project Management Institute – Phoenix Chapter
  • I learned more in four hours about cultural differences than I have in 6 years living in Mexico.
    Paul Hall, Manufacturing Manager, Molex Inc.
  • Siempre te recomiendo en la maestrias, fuiste la mejor que tuve [en la MBA].
    Martha Karina Castillo Gonzalez, Hewlett Packard Mexico, GPS-LA Procurement Specialist
  • “Un millón de gracias” for such a wonderful class. I felt that it was a very informative session and I took a lot away from it. I have been incorporating [the concepts] into my workings with the trades and I am amazed at how quickly they respond to me.
    Danny McLaughlin, Pulte Homes, Inc, Superintendent W.V.B.U.
  • Para mí fue toda una experiencia de aprendizaje el haber asistido a el Taller de Métodos para lograr acuerdos exitosos, lo considero como una herramienta muy valiosa tanto en mi vida profesional como personal.
    Emma Espinosa, Gerente de Recursos Humanos, BorgWarner Morse TEC México
  • Excellent! Thank you for coming to Florida and presenting a dynamic workshop to help us understand our French customers. Your sessions enabled my senior staff to identify specific tactics and strategies that we needed.
    Larry Speight, Vice President and General Manger, Space Systems, Honeywell International

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