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  • We engaged Ontos to work with us to design a unique session for a group of leaders in the midst of a cultural shift in our organization.  Throughout the planning and design of the session, Ontos was an excellent partner who got to know us and our culture, to understand us and challenge us.  Most appreciated beyond their expertise is their active collaboration to find the right solution and flexibility to respond to changing circumstances.  They provided a dynamic facilitation team for each session.  Participants left feeling energized and engaged in taking the next steps forward in our culture journey.
    Leadership Learning Leader
    Fortune 10 Company
  • (Translation) In difficult economic conditions, we had to orient ourselves to make progress quickly in unfamiliar markets. Without a doubt, the session you led helped our managers face our change more positively and also to help them along the majority of their employees.  The techniques taught in French by Ms. Koss and her colleague are simple and effective. They are now part of our DNA.

    Dans une conjoncture économique difficile, nous avons dû nous réorienter rapidement pour progresser dans de nouveaux marchés.  La formation a permis sans aucun doute à nos cadres d’affronter de façon plus positive ce changement de direction et aussi d’entrainer le plus grand nombre de nos employés avec eux. Les techniques enseignées par Mme Koss et son collaborateur en Français sont simples et efficaces. Elles font aujourd’hui partie de notre ADN.
    Francois Audo, Président Directeur Général
    Director, Europe South Region
    Xylem Inc.

  • We asked you to coach a female, Senior Manager who comes from a different culture with the goal of catapulting her to her true potential and performance level to achieve Partner status at our firm.  The outcome of your coaching and advice led to a transformational change.  Her executive presence improved dramatically improved, and she now comes to work ready to conquer the world and she is consistently functioning at a stepped level of improvement.
    Kevin Asher, Partner,  Assurance Services
    Ernst and Young
  • Thunderbird Learning Consulting Network reached out to Lisa Koss because it needed Spanish-fluent consultants who were comfortable traveling to Latin America to conduct critical organizational and process-oriented interviews for one of our premier clients.Lisa’s superb interpersonal and cross-cultural skills allowed her to quickly master the performance and morale challenges facing the client’s Latin American division, gather the required information first-hand discretely, and help us compile the results in a methodical manner.She proved very effective in working seamlessly as part of our core team, both in helping to design interview approaches and in face-to-face meetings with the client in headquarters and in the field. Our findings drew strong reviews from our client, which has already engaged us for a follow-up assignment. Lisa’s contribution garnered specific praise from the client, who has asked that she be included in the follow-up.Lisa is very quick on her feet, has great facilitation skills, and is a strong team player who is always looking for winning solutions for the client. If you are looking for a deployable consultant who has strong cross-cultural and facilitation skills, you can’t do much better than to contact Lisa.
    Paul Kinsinger, Managing Consultant
    Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • I worked with Lisa for 13 months under an executive coach program. Lisa has been an exceptional coach who took the time to understand me as an individual, and helped identify areas to prepare me for the next level in my career. An important part of being a partner at EY is recognizing one’s personal leadership style as well as a personal brand, and for both of these, Lisa worked acted as my sounding board and helped guide me in taking small but very valuable steps towards the kind of leader I want to be. She invested the time in providing me feedback that I sought and was always very balanced in doing so which I appreciated very much. She was persistent and coached me on how to experiment in taking risks that required me to be outside of my comfort zone. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt tremendously from each session.  By the end of our work together, I was also promoted to Partner level in the firm.
    Anvita Sahai, Partner
    Ernst & Young
  • Thank you for providing yet another deeply insightful and prescriptive piece of work on Xylem’s transformation efforts.  The document and the game plan is a strong representation of who you are, how you think and what you are uniquely positioned to do to assist Xylem’s performance both short and long term.And thanks for being patient and thoughtful partners during every day of this journey.  Xylem is lucky that you care enough to see it through.
    Robyn Mingle, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Xylem Inc.
  • I would give you an A+.  I am skeptical of using facilitators but you made a huge difference in the quality of our offsite and I also give an A+ on the outcome and I really mean it.
    William Ruh, Vice President and Corporate Officer
    GE Global Software Headquarters
  • With some consultants there is diminishing return-on-investment over time.  This is definitely not my experience working with you. Thank you for designing and implementing  great sessions with my European leadership team.
    Andre Dhawan, President EMEIA
    Xylem Inc.
  • I started to work with Lisa about a year ago.  Lisa is an outstanding professional coach.  During our sessions she challenges my sometimes conventional thinking and initiates ample discussions, directing me to areas where I can improve particularly.  In our last session Lisa helped me to prepare for an upcoming presentation.  We practiced for more than 2 hours, and Lisa provided incredible feedback and input on how to improve my presentation.  Because of Lisa’s excellent coaching skills, the presentation was a true success.  Lisa, you truly helped me to develop to a top performing executive.  Thanks for all your great coaching.
    Johannes Gasser, Executive Director
    Ernst & Young
  • The partnership that I have shared with David White over the last 15 months is a role model of how a consultant and an internal client can create synergy in a way that moves a company forward in achieving their desired business results.  David’s expertise in competency model and career path development has been critical in helping ITT create the culture needed to sustain the transformation and direction we are heading.  His integrity, leadership, and professionalism are qualities that he lives out in all he does and are also evident in the individuals on his team.  I highly recommend choosing Ontos Global as a resource and partner as you seek to accomplish your goals.
    Pamela Caughill, Director of Human Resources, Talent & Organizational Development
  • If we were to describe Lisa’s abilities in three succinct statements, we would say that she is impressively attuned to our needs and our firm’s culture; she is extremely flexible in responding in the moment to any given situation, and she is deeply knowledgeable.  In a sentence, Lisa’s caliber is superb and she has met and exceeded our high expectations.Our collaboration with Lisa began last year when the firm was in the midst of a cultural change.  We needed support for our firm’s top leaders – our Partners, Principles, Executive Directors and Directors – to navigate an organizational change.  Lisa provided consulting, facilitation and coaching to these leaders, and at every step we received feedback that reflects that she is among our highest rated facilitators. She has an excellent reputation for her coaching as well.  Among all of our facilitators, we selected Lisa to work with our most senior executive involved in the project, the America’s Managing Partner, who leads 41,500 people across 30 countries.What makes Lisa different than other consultants, facilitators and coaches is that she is able to be warm and engaging, but does not back away from difficult personalities nor does she hesitate to challenge our firm’s leaders when necessary.  She can deliver a difficult message that does not inspire resistance, and this quality is highly valued given the nature of the project.Remarkably, she seems to think ten steps ahead while operating skillfully in the present.Her signature ability to work with culturally-diverse leaders is of additional value to us in a global firmsuch as ours, since it has been our experience that ethnically diverse people have not always had coaches who can competently address their unique situations.It is clear that Lisa is intelligent and her foundation is sophisticated, and yet she has an ability to speak plainly – and without an “agenda” – in such a way that denotes credibility to our people.  As a result, important dialogue occurs, which is central to the project’s success.It’s clear that we would not have had the same positive outcome without Lisa’s significant contribution.  Her unquestionable success is a considerable accomplishment given our firm’s highly demanding culture and the challenging assignment.  We are actively pursuing new ways to engage with Lisa going forward.
    Wendy Hirschberg, Director of the America’s Inclusiveness Team, and Trusha Mehta,  America’s Inclusiveness Consultant
    Ernst & Young
  • I learned of ONTOS Global from an international project they were leading where they were looking for German, Italian, Hungarian and Polish coaches. I was selected as one of the 2 Hungarian coaches and our task was to prepare for a “Manager as Coach”  program in our own language.It has been a great experience to work with Lisa and David and all the other coaches from the different countries, which was a unique opportunity.  From the very beginning they turned to us with high respect. They were welcoming any feedback or observation, and they always kept us informed about how they incorporated our comments.I personally learned a new way of delivering a learning program.Lisa and David could combine in their material a clear, detailed process but at the same time leaving space and freedom for us, as faculty, and the participants. I respect them a lot for the way they organized this huge project.The professional content of their program is excellent:  clear structures and content, a natural flow, practical exercises aligned to the theory.  All the materials were high-quality. I also learned a lot from them about how they approach people. I always felt a warm acceptance from both of them, which made our communication and cooperation easy. I highly appreciate their positive stance and devotedness to developing people.
    Rita Jokay, Professional Coach
  • Lisa was one of the best and most effective presenters I have ever had. Her energy and style was outstanding. Very strong knowledge of content and very effective at spawning conversation around the key points.
    Kris Lonborg Partner, Advisory Services
    Ernst & Young
  • Ontos delivered a great set of career based competency tools, designed specifically to enable our Commercial teams, talented people, to drive strategic change. Their care and attention to detail has been rigorous, using research-based qualitative input captured through targeted interviews and conducted in a professional manner across many locations worldwide in ITT.I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with the Ontos team, helping to edit the materials and personally I’ve been delighted with the partnership and quality of deliverables. For ITT Water & Wastewater, we now have a final product; competency tools fit for the purpose and of immediate value to our people, our commercial teams, as well as our talent development, and all designed to help drive our strategies
    Andy Rumary, Program Leader – Value Based Commercial Excellence
  • We brought Lisa Koss onboard in our efforts to implement a community-wide change management project because she was highly recommended by trusted sources.With Lisa’s help, we achieved our goals with six client groups, enabling diverse community representatives to come together and execute a common strategy.Lisa is experienced, smart and highly professional. She is conscientious and always well-prepared without sacrificing flexibility in meeting the needs of the group.She is easy to work with and is an excellent team member. I have learned a great deal from her and I have full confidence that her experience and skills will continue to bring us our desired results.
    Laura Kolkman, President
    Mosaica Partners Inc.
  • You recently helped us focus on diversity by educating us on diversity, facilitating diversity committee meetings and giving a keynote to our 1700 employees. The Chairman of the Board said that this was the best teambuilding initiative ever in the history of the company.I felt very good about partnering with you. I knew I needed your help. I tried to facilitate, but you really can, and effectively. […] It all went tremendously well.
    Cathy Stephen, Regional Manager of Human Resources
    Gilbane Building Company
  • With your guidance, we were able to resolve a number of past “sore spots”, achieve our main objectives and build bridges between our diverse departments. In addition, I received candid feedback. Your attention to my unique circumstances left me feeling 100% supported as a leader and your personal coaching made a difference in the outcome of the event.The staff was so impressed with how you fit into Heifer, and that’s a major statement since this has not always been our experience. The key ingredients were your ability to really listen and tailor our experience accordingly, and in doing so allowed “Heifer to remain Heifer”.[…]The division remains solidly behind the decisions that we agreed upon since the retreat. That makes my job moving forward so much easier.
    Tanya Wright, Senior Vice President
    Heifer International
  • You made a big difference, Lisa. […] Our quality notifications have been reduced 50% from last year’s numbers. This is significant because the quality results are a reflection of the entire team’s communication and collaboration. We can go for “Best in Class” this year. Without the team’s own progress in communication and in commitment to the process we would have never seen that number.Over the last ten months, I’ve seen big changes in the members of our team, and I’ve learned and grown significantly as a leader. So, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.
    Luis Davila, VP of Operations, Nogales, Mexico
    Molex S.A. de C.V.
  • Lisa provides insight that is so targeted and accurate that there is hardly a contrary position that can seem logical. It is rare that feedback can be so accurate; I was in awe as Ms. Koss formulated and delivered cause, effect, and action steps. Lisa is a masterful Coach, and I admire her for her skills!
    Jim Graham, Directing Consultant
    Maximum Business Advantage, LLC
  • Your presentation was absolutely amazing, interesting, clear and exciting. You are certainly passionate about what you do and I look for that in all people, but don’t always find it.
    Diane A. Franzese
    Franzese & Associates Consulting
  • Lisa Koss has a deep knowledge of intercultural issues. Her presentation skills and expertise on cultural diversity are excellent.
    Claudia Grossi, Executive Director
    American Chamber Mexico/Guadalajara
  • Thank you so much for hosting our CEO Panel at the recent ConsultingWorld Conference in Orlando. I thought you did an excellent job of keeping the session lively and Informative. If Oprah decides to retire, you may have a new career!
    Edward T. Reilly, President and CEO
    American Management Association
  • Due to the consulting you have provided during the last number of years — in terms of both culture and language — my staff and I have greatly benefited from a more productive workplace. Learning about our non-American partners has made a definite difference in our day-to-day relationships, as well as profitability for the company.Thank you for the difference you have made at Bull Worldwide Information Systems.
    Andrew Hertneky, Director, GCOS 8 Development
    Bull Information Systems
  • When we contacted you, we needed to support the Lead Team in one of our Mexican manufacturing plants to become more effective operating group in what is a very tough and demanding environment. Being a border operation, we deal with many planning and logistical problems. It’s the kind of job that tends to eat people up over time. This was a challenging assignment.You helped us as a management team develop a clearer understanding of which processes were in place, which were not, and how those processes were affecting outcomes. You did a great job of peeling away the layers in order to identify root cause issues that can be evaluated and addressed. […] I have personally seen progress that resulted from your insights. Because of your work, we were able to make critical and strategic leadership decisions that will positively impact both the manufacturing plant and the region.
    Ron Schubel, Executive Vice President, President Global Automotive Division
    Molex Inc.
  • The strategic retreat was fantastic. We now have a company vision and company values that are alive and well. We have improved our performance in all the targeted areas: quality, accountability, training, and customer service. The value we received for our investment was excellent.
    Donn Frye, C.E.D., President and C.E.O.
    Prestige Cleaners, Inc.
  • Lisa Koss is among the best communicators and motivators to change I have met in my organizational development career. She has a powerful and unique talent for connecting with individuals and audiences across all levels of an organization, and her client evaluations consistently reflect her depth of knowledge with a highly engaging delivery style.My partnership with Lisa has spanned the past two years, during which time we have worked directly to design and deliver solutions for our clients that have received some of the best reviews in our company’s history.  Working with Lisa is a true pleasure, as she is a consummate professional, tireless and probing in her approach while infusing our projects with a great sense of humor!I look forward to working with Lisa in the years to come as we develop new approaches to bringing cultural understanding and application to corporate and institutional clients.
    Kenneth L. Price, Ph.D., Vice President, Learning and Development
    TMC – Berlitz Company

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