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Rick Huntley

Rick is a highly skilled leadership, and change consultant, coach, facilitator and teacher with a demonstrated ability to successfully facilitate learning and skill development using group development theory, experiential learning and personal growth.   Rick thoughtfully guides clients in designing a working environment that enables leadership to emerge. He asks clients to first consider what is presently working well, assessing their strengths and talents.

Key reflection questions that Rick poses: Does your organization & team environment stimulate or retard individual development? What’s your organization’s intent for leadership? Does your organization have a culture where everyone benefits from feedback? What structures do your organization have that support organizational effectiveness? Does staff compete against each other or compete toward achieving the organization mission, vision and goals?

Rick’s post graduate studies include a Certificate in Organization & Systems Development, Gestalt OSD Center, Cleveland, Ohio and a Master of Science, Howard University, Washington, DC.

Prior roles include Chair, Board of Directors, NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, 2012-2014.


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