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Prestige Improves Employee Satisfaction by 90 Percent


The Client
Much has changed in Scottsdale, Arizona since Prestige Cleaners opened its first store in 1964. The city has grown to nearly a quarter of a million people and is a popular tourist destination. But Prestige remains family owned and operated, and focused on customer service. Prestige is one of the city’s oldest businesses, yet also one of its most innovative: in a business notorious unfriendly to the environment, it is one of the most environmentally friendly in Arizona.

The Issue
Always looking ahead, the management team, now with eight locations, wanted to operate more productively without adding staff. They knew that more effective collaboration and improved leadership skills would help them improve profitability.

The Solution
We proved the right consultant for the job. We first helped Prestige leaders establish a vision and strategic plan which identified four core directions on which to focus. Then a 9 month implementation plan began in order to develop skills in tracking organizational progress toward the goals, support company leaders in their professional development and improve group process. A new communications strategy was also put in place that became fundamental to its initiatives.

“I would certainly recommend you to anyone who needs to embark on an organizational strategy and change in their company…The value we received for our investment was excellent.”
– Don C. Frye, President & CEO, Prestige Cleaners

The Outcome
After the engagement, we measured employee satisfaction and compared it to our survey before our work began. Of the 32 areas surveyed regarding employee satisfaction, 91% showed improvement, and 25% of all areas improved dramatically. Within one year of the project, all the strategic initiatives had been successfully implemented and all goals had been achieved. And soon after that, the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce honored Prestige Cleaners with the “Small Business of the Year” award.

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