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Manager as Coach II Goes Abroad

Posted on May 04, 2018 by: Chris Fagan

MAC II, our well-received sequel to the Manager-as-Coach I program has now received rave reviews in French, Italian and Spanish sessions after programs in Nanterre, Montecchio and Buenos Aires. We look forward to continuing the work in Swedish very soon.

Meet some enthusiastic participants celebrating after our recent session in Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires 4-19-18 Goofy Cut

MaC II offers even more experience and practice in the areas of:
•Strengthen coaching skills by practicing within a range of coaching contexts
•Understand your conflict style and identify choices for handling conflict
•Understand cross-cultural coaching and influencing
•Increase your powers of observation related to coaching and influencing
•Increase self-awareness of your leadership style and its impact

One participant says…

“The MACII training gave back to me comments that I would not receive anywhere else. The honesty in the program and the safe environment allows for true participation. As the MAC I program was very relevant, the MAC II program provided a level of learning that should be mandatory.”

William Gell
Seneca Falls, NY


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