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David White published as Chapter 1 of “The Change Champion’s Field Guide”

Posted on July 24, 2013 by: Lisa Koss

Change Champion's Field GuideONTOS Principal, David White, was published as the first chapter of “The Change Champion’s Field Guide:  Strategies and Tools for Leading Change in Your Organization” by Wiley Publishers in cooperation with the Best Practices Institute (2nd edition).

The Chapter is titled, “Driving Change Through Career Models:  An Operating System for Talent Management.”

David’s chapter was honored to be one of only two chapters published on the Wiley’s website. GET YOUR PDF COPY HERE:  Driving Change Through Career Models – An Operating System for Talent.

Per the editors:  “This field guide is for all change champions who are learning about, seeking to lead, or are in the midst of leading social or organizational change.  It is dedicated to the disenfranchised, the wrongly accused, those who are not receiving the care and understanding they need, those who need to deliver more to their stakeholders or shareholders, those seeking to innovate, those seeking to improve their mergers and/or partnerships with corporations or individuals contributors, and all those who seek truth and integrity in all that they do.” (pg xix)


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