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A new blog from Koss…

Posted on August 04, 2008 by: Lisa Koss

I have even surprised myself…A blog?

So I know just enough about blogs to be dangerous, so please be gentle with me. A blog seemed like a great new medium for my ideas, which replaces the e-newsletter I've been sending for the last 5 years. The e-newsletter, Quick E-Tips, is now archived on the site.

One question that I am deliberating…language. My Quick E-Tips were written in both English and Spanish. Ahora, debo de escribir mi mensaje en 2 idiomas cada vez? Will I post in 2 languages each time?

My plan is to comment on integrating corporate cultures, national cultures, global leadership, leading change…in the format of real situations, commentary on world events, and case studies. We'll also answer whatever question you may ask that I — or one of our partners — can answer.

P.S. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics…Did you catch the 400IM men's swimming team event with Michael Phelps this week? Not to mention the string of world records he is racking up. Amazing.


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